About me

(this is a bad translation from google of my French introduction, I’ll write it correctly later)

I am a thirty-something northern France, pretty, romantic, shy and open-minded person who composes music and writes poems or song lyrics in a gothic world. I also make my clothes with little means in a style similar to dolls and old European fashion. In Japan, where this style is more popular than elsewhere, it is called “lolita” and is also inspired by fantasy worlds like Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. As for the way to create music, reluctantly I do not use real instruments but only the Reason software. On this blog I present my creations and I share my thoughts and emotions. I discover a little more history and culture of France, Germany, other European countries, the United States and Japan. I am often inclined to love things of the subculture including “gothic” and “otaku” genres that are supposed to inspire me with an original musical universe. I still do not define the terms I use here “gothic”, “otaku”, “subculture”, I generalize a little and I hope to learn more to better explain what attracts me in there. I also like to see cultures cohabit harmoniously, that is to say to see works of art from one country that are inspired by another, as can be seen for example with Japonism or places in a city. to the style foreign to this one as for example the Western type churches in Japan. I mention Japan many times because this country is very exotic for me and it fascinates me and some sub-genres of the subculture like for example the musical genre visual kei, have a greater amplitude there than elsewhere in the world . So, by creating this blog that will push me to do research, mainly on the internet, I will deepen my knowledge in all these areas. It also serves me to present my creations and to meet cool people because I admit that it is easier for me to approach someone here than in real life but I try to change. One last piece of information about me, I can speak French, English and some German, Spanish, Japanese and as my native language is French I may not be perfect in English so it can happen that you see errors in my writings. You have the possibility to contact me via the space dedicated to comments located under each article, via Twitter (@cirilla21) and this email address cyriellecirilla@outlook.fr. It is also possible via Facebook, for that you can send me a friend request. I’m also on Soundcloud where I’m hosting my music. And of course you can comment on the articles, give your opinion and even teach me something if you know more than me about the subject in question.