Seule et souriante (Alone and smiling)

I had trouble playing the notes correctly, I tried to rectify several times but it’s long. I created something a little complicated despite the fact that the melody is simple, the fact that it is repetitive, it was difficult to do something symmetrical and precise. I should do something less strict.


Pink colour is not for children only

In the video below, a Chinese woman talks about her taste for lolita fashion. She doesn’t understand that some people critic this way of dressing and think this is childish because lolita fashion uses pretty colours like pink and pastel tones but also darker and can look more gothic and it uses cute things and accessories like ribbons, bow ties, animals prints, sweet designs, etc… When I was younger I used to wear that kind of stuff and one day I had a complex and thought that I have to stop because it’s a bit provocative as I rarely see people around me dressed like this. So in a maniacal mood, I got rid of a lot of stuff. Now I realise that I didn’t think this fashion is provocative in itself but only because I’m the only one following it. These days and with the help of examples of people daring to do what they like, I feel the desire to live my fantasies again and reconcile with pink and black colour and glittering things, sequins… In any case, I make my clothes with neutral tones, no dazzling jewels and only my bow ties are colourful and I look very elegant like a doll but I would like to try to make a entirely dreamy costume without rules, something between a princess and a clown. At least to possess one dress to go to a party, since I didn’t go out for special occasions for a long time, I only have simple elegant clothes and I need something somptuous.

Yumi King : Stop DRESSING Like a Child! Stop Wearing LOLITA Dress! My Reaction!